Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire damage in residential home

Fire Damage in South Orlando Home

Fire damage at this South Orlando house was limited to the kitchen area, but the soot and smoke damage affected all the house rooms. The photo shows a bedroom the required carpet cleaning and drywall sponge cleaning of the walls and ceiling.

Condo with smoke damage

Pine Castle Condo and Smoke Damage

The main damaging result from a house fire is the smoke staining and odors left after the flames are extinguished. This Pine Castle condo dwellers know to call SERVPRO of South Orlando to wipe down the smoke residue and use mechanical and specially formulated products to eliminate the foul odors. We are always ready to help.

Soot On Ceiling

Fire Damage in South Orlando

Our team at SERVPRO of South Orlando is ready to respond to your fire damage emergency. Our crew is ready 24/7 and Faster to Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO of South Orlando has the training, experience, and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Soot On Ceiling

Fire Damage in South Orlando Home

Fire damage at this South Orlando home started as a grease fire on the stove top. Fortunately, the homeowner had a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and quickly extinguished the blaze preventing severe damage to the structure. However, there was a lot of soot and smoke damage along with the messy residue from the fire extinguisher to be cleaned up. SERVPRO of South Orlando can clean up the extinguisher residue and wipe down the soot and smoke on the walls and ceiling. We would also attend to the air quality by using a hydroxyl generator.

Soot Damage

Smoke and Fire Damage in South Orlando

The sooty grease fire from the kitchen reached all rooms, hallways, and nooks and crannies of this home in South Orlando. SERVPRO techs have the chemical sponges and detergents to wipe away most of the residues without smearing. Homeowners appreciate a repainting rather than replacing the porous surfaces. Call us to make your life easier.

Kitchen Fire in Edgewood

Stovetop grease fires can result in significant damage to homes in Edgewood. SERVPRO recommends that you have an ABC type fire extinguisher under your sink to put out these fires. In this case, give us a call for cleanup and restoration.